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We invite you to join SFLOMA. As soon as we receive your application, we'll send the SFLOMA window decal and "You Seem Like a Local" poster that identify you as a locally owned merchant! Membership in SFLOMA costs only $25 a year. That's worth letting the city know you're locally owned, right?

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Membership Benefits

  • SFLOMA window decal & poster
  • Promotion of your updates / events / deals through the the SFLOMA website front page
  • Promotion of updates through SFLOMA Social Media channels
  • Promotion of your business through our media-rich consumer newsletter

membership qualifications

To join, you must be able to answer "yes" to the following five questions.

  • Is my business privately held, not publicly traded?
  • Do the business owners, totaling greater than 50% of the business ownership, live in Northern California?
  • Is my business based in San Francisco, having no corporate or national headquarters outside the state?
  • Can my business make independent decision regarding the name and look of the business, as well as all business purchasing practices, and distribution?
  • Does my business pay all marketing, rent, and other business expenses without assistance from a corporate headquarters?

Here's Whats In It For You

People are talking...and shopping
With the Shop Local movement exploding, locally owned businesses are the talk of the town. City hall is buzzing, the media is publicizing, and, most important, shoppers are patronizing. 

Why You're Cool
Locally owned businesses are friendly, knowledgeable, embedded in communities, and they provide three times more positive economic impact than chains and online businesses-wow!

Identify Yourself
Make sure people who are buzzing, reporting and, most important, shopping know that you are a locally owned business.

How We Do It
All members get a window decal and a listing on our searcheable website, plus access to free "Shop Local" posters. And a printed and online directory of SFLOMA members!

Join The Club
Our members include some of the city's best and brightest merchants--good folks to know, to talk with, and to learn from. 

Strength In Numbers
The more members we have, the more collective wisdom we share and the more collective influence we posses. 

Small Payout, Big Return
Membership in SFLOMA costs only $25 a year. That's worth letting the city know you're locally owned, right?